Thursday, October 23, 2008

Project Three: Treasuring Time

The treasuring time project was given to create an object that would celebrate, record or remind its user about a treasuring time but the object should go beyond traditional memory preserves. In response to the project aim, I made wire tree for reminding 'Christmas card exchange' moment. I have done many experiments with different sizes of wire to find proper size for my product. Through all the experiments I choose 1.25mm wire size as it is strong enough to hold a Christmas card and still flexibly easy to bend by hand.

Basically the wire tree suppose to place on a dinner table on Christmas Eve (could be any memorable day as well). And each family member writes down a Christmas card for other family members and hangs it all together on the wire tree before starting dinner. During dinner time, every family member exchanges their Christmas card and enjoys the memorable day together. The idea behind Christmas card exchange should be reminding each other’s treasuring moment and enjoying the Christmas spirit in an interactive way through the wire tree.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Task 6: Video Reflections (Designing Dream Machines)

Basically this video shows how the real design industry process and operate through many different steps within in-depth consideration and response to client’s request. I was very surprised that designer can not design a product as their wish but should follow the client’s request, even though their client does not have practical design knowledge. Probably some designers will be stressed when they have to design a product against their wish. However the video remains that designer always has to respect their client’s decision whether or not they like it, because it is essential rule between client and server.

This video was very informative for industrial design student. It was good opportunity to see real working environment and gain indirect experience of industrial designer’s life. After watching this video, my perspective of industrial designer has changed a bit. But It is still helpful to think beyond and see the real design world in a right way.

Task 4: Bad Design

Here is the control panel in the elevator of Old Main Building in UNSW. I often feel inconvenience when I use this elevator. Imagine that you are standing elevator and you push the button for the 2nd floor to go up to your classroom. Nothing happens. The button doesn’t show any response to user request.

I saw someone get on the elevator and push the button. The elevator doesn’t show any response. He tries pushing some of the other floor buttons. Still nothing happen. He begin to wonder whether the elevator is working or not, but a few seconds later he realised that it works and the elevator will stop every floor..... What a bad control panel!

Another problem is it’s hard to find the current floor number because the very tiny small size number shows the current floor level. Basically the display is not clear and distinguishable to communicate with users.

Design suggestion
The elevator does not communicate well with users and it makes confusion when people get on the elevator and push the button. To avoid this confusion, the control button should show some response to user request as illuminate a button or emit a soft ticking sound.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Project 2: Postal Presents (Pen Holder)

The postal presents project was given to create a flatpack that can be transformed from 2D to 3D object and sent through the mail in an ordinary C4 (229mm x 324mm) envelope. In response to a project aim, I have created a stylish curvy-shaped pen holder. I used many different types of materials for the experiment and found out an aluminium sheet was a proper material for my product. The concept of the product was aimed to design a pleasurable appearance, easy to assemble, and multi functional product.

This pen holder is a unique curvy-shape holder unlike any you have seen. It consists of 5 stripes attached to a flat sheet, so that you can just band each stripe and put it into each slot. It is very easy to assemble and can be done in one single step. This pen holder can be contained 9 pens with various sizes from pencil to marker and also provide a memo holder function for user convenience.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Project 1: Experience Enrichment (Cone Hammer)

I believe that design shouldn't be only solving problems, but rather bring beautification of our living environments. In line with the deep consideration, I have designed the cone hammer targeting for the single female consumer. possessing the look of a sculpture, this cone hammer can easily match well with furniture and walls. This unique vertical design ensures that it doesn't have to hide anymore.

My target is single female consumer age between 25 and 30 years. These women have very good higher education background and had few years of working experience in well reputated international company. They earn quite a lot of money and can afford everything they want. These women have a good sense of interior design and love decorating their home interior. they like to have stylish item as well as fancy product designed by famous designer. Trendy interior design magazines are one of their favorites.

Cone Hammer is a stylish cone-shape hammer unlike any you've seen before. it would provide an enriched experience for my target consumers. This hammer has an elegant, sculptural form that can be left on display in your living room such as table, shelf, or desk as part of your interior.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Task 5: Video Reflections (Annie Leonard: The Story of Stuff)

After watching a video, Annie Leonard reminds me that how we destroy the natural resources terrifically these days. According to the research on her video, we consume and waste natural resources more than twice compared to 50 years ago. Even though the world’s population grew and industrial revolution brought mass production system, it is still not excusable for our next generation.

As an industrial designer, we should carefully think about what materials we use and how they affect the world environmentally. It is important to make a product more functional and nicer, but on top of that, let’s think about how we can design and promote a product not to being waste but save for our environment.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Task 3: Product Sketching

Australian International Design Awards
Designed by CMD Product Design and Innovation

Inspired! Design Across Time

Anniversary Vase
Designed by Alvar Aalto

Modern Times: Modernism in Australia
Talking Chair
Designed by Robin Boyd

EcoLogic: Creating a Sustainable Future
Axis Electric Kettle
Designed by Gerry Mussett & Paul Taylor